Image Transfer

Oil Painting 101: W. David Price

How to transfer the composition image to the canvas.

First method: Use an overhead projector.

   ♦   Projector the image onto the canvas. Draw all skeletal lines on the canvas.

Second method: Use a black and white photo enlargement, my preferred method.

   ♦   Take the desired image to a copy store. Have them make a black and white enlargement that fits the canvas.   ♦   Paint the entire canvas with Burnt Umber mixed with a small amount of odorless paint thinner.   ♦   Lay the image enlargement on top of the canvas and tape it into place.   ♦   Pressing firmly, use a pencil to trace all the main skeletal lines of the composition. This will leave an imprint on the underlying canvas.   ♦   Remove the overlay and let the canvas dry. You are now ready to begin painting.

 Third method: Make a rough sketch of your image, one quadrant at a time.

   ♦   Using a ruler and a pencil, divide both your photograph and your canvas into quadrants.   ♦   Sketch one quadrant at a time onto the canvas. Make sure the larger image on your canvas is proportionate to the corresponding image on the photograph. This helps you get the correct angles and sizes before you begin painting.